About us

About ACME Excellent Management Pvt

ACME Excellent Management Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2012 and now proudly enjoying the honor of An ISO 9001, EN ISO 13485,EMS 14001, OHSAS 18001,CE Certified Company deals as Multiple Service provider with Hospital Furniture and Equipment Manufacturing units. The company is engaged in fast expanding of its total facility management services under the Qualified management and the Dynamic Leadership of Shri Surender Singh Jeena as are rich of experience more than 24 years specially in the field of Maintenance, Facility services and Electrical projects.

ACME Excellent Management Pvt. Ltd. having strong structural management with the experienced Technicians and well-trained Supervisors and Workers in their respective fields such as Housekeeping, Security, Nursing Orderly Services, Catering, Horticulture, Electrical and Mechanical Services. Latest techniques and proper utilization of machines, all team up together in the form professionals to provide the excellent and royal services to our precious clients.

Founder’s Vision & Theme

Being a creative, dedicated & altruistic sense in nature the founder of the firm Late Surender Singh Jeena took a decision to do something specific in the service of humanity and society. Actually, they were more capable than they allow themselves to believe but they wanted to move ahead by hard work, not alone, but with all either, any one concern to officer or a scavenger. As they were younger most amongst three brothers, therefore, they blessed with the supporting guidance and extensive experience of elders. Due to extensive demand for maintaining high quality standards of management and it’s allied services, with enthusiasm they plant a small enterprise named ACME ENTERPRISES aimed to provide better as much as possible basic multiple services to the organizations either they are Govt. or Private Sectors with the professional touch.

Late Surender Singh Jeena was very much familiar with the fact that in always fast evolving and technology driven world, multiple management services plays an essential role to manage any sector’s Building or Estate. To fulfill this need in most competitive price Acme Enterprises started the Mechanized Housekeeping and it’s allied services.

After crossed many obstacles that distract the ordinary but the concerted efforts gradually showing results of thrive. Now Acme Enterprises turned in to ACME Excellent Management Pvt. Ltd. has been actively involved with almost leading & backbone considering Govt. and Pvt. Organizations. Our purpose to keep updated our associates & clients by sharing activities and efforts to make a difference to the world in facility management services.

Actually, the founder of the firm was mostly consider the fact that a skilled person can manage his livelihood by any means but what would be happen with the person who belongs to BPL families or concern and due to families odd circumstances unable to get any skill/qualification. Then they decide to hire mostly unskilled and trained them up to semiskilled, later during working it depends up to the deployed person that what is his capability to learn more and move forward. Company provides a stable platform to them.

It is the matter of fact, in our views that Cleanliness means business, cleanliness matters in an immensely significant way be it in any Educational Institute, offices, Hospital or any establishment. It reflects care, concern and respect for the people you rely on your progress. There was a deep thought behind that to choose facility management services as more than 60% of these kind of works depends on the manpower, thus, more the work’s expansion creates the more employment.

Focus to utilize more and more available resources with manpower in the service of Establishments/Ministries either it belongs to Central, State govt. or private organizations that they can save their precious time, cost and efforts by choosing the right partner for all their facility management needs. After cover a long journey accompanied with the supports from well-wishers, associates & patronage now it arrives on a milestone stage and become a private limited company. With the great interest and dedication towards the management services Acme Excellent Management Pvt. Ltd. growing up as an esteemed organization offering effective multiple services by follow advanced techniques and used recommended material.

Since long, Acme is well recognized company with all relevant licenses & Codal Registrations pertaining to serve including quality certificates & Member of leading business promotional bodies.

As Now The Newly Appointed CMD Mr. Prateek Jeena take over the Charge of AEMPL in the Year 2020 and he is highly educated with the new planning’s & visions to deliver cost effective services at par with the professional touch & standards in multiple areas with the aim of providing the clients the peace of mind for them to focus on their core business.

Today, Acme Excellent Management Pvt. Ltd. has all the experience to be your single source to serve all your facility management needs. Proudly express that, using our services improves and increases the working staff comfort, save time & cost.